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India Garrish is a newspaper and freelance photographer from Fayetteville, Arkansas who sees life best through a camera lens. Through her work as a photojournalist both at the University of Missouri and on independent projects, she captures the beauty of everyday life and the spirit of hope in each human being through incorporating still images, audio and video to their story. India's passion for storytelling emanates from her compassion of the human experience, knowing each story is different.


She received her bachelor's degree in photojournalism in 2019 from the University of Missouri while working as Assistant for Lissa Chandler Photography and a staff photographer for the Columbia Missourian. After volunteering at Pictures of the Year for two years, India became the assistant to the director of the competition for POY76, managing their social media pages.


India is a Former White House Intern, interning for the White House Photo Office from May to August 2019, where she photographed events of senior White House officials, toned and distributed images and served at other capacities for the Photo Office. Her images were featured on national newspapers and the White House's Flickr page.

Additionally, she was the president of Kappa Alpha Mu, Mizzou's premier photojournalism club, and the vice president of the Journalism Student Council at MU from Fall 2018 to Spring 2019.


In her work with different forms of photography, from Columbia, MO to Washington, D.C., she brings the same journalistic perspective to life's greatest moments and meets each requirement for the client. India brings enthusiasm and a willingness to try new ideas behind the lens. Her experience with art and design brings a creative perspective to any assignment and her attention to detail shows through both her work and professionalism.

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