June 29, 2016

"Surround yourself with people who love you."  - wisdom for the ages


"Today's the day" she says for the last time since Sunday. Blogging is happening! 


I had the joy of visiting one of my closest friends this weekend, my other half, Cora, after nearly a year.  She's been with me through everything you could imagine; I would not be standing here today without her. She has a genuine heart for people and the most beautiful mind. On top of all of that, she's gorgeous! Like God-poured-extra-beautiful-into-her-genes gorgeous. She's been my muse since I became involved in photography. Friends make the best models for a few reasons: a) you have fun and get great photos at the same time, b) so many memories (and profile pics) are made, c) you can experiment with angles and camera settings with them because they already know how crazy you are and d) a Smothered Burrito from Taco Bell is the only payment necessary.


We snapped our way across the park and I stepped out from behind the lens to take a few photos with her - I think sticking tongues out and fresh poses are *required* for any friend shoot.


Later, we caught up with some of our friends. Books were looked at, poker was played, hammocks were nearly flipped; it was a good time. It's crazy how we have changed since a year ago. The minute our environments uprooted, we learned to mold ourselves into it. Changed, yes. Scratched and scuffed, a little. But this is how we grow.


On our last night, Cora and I shared stories, laughter and tears and watched our favorite type of mini series, the British kind. I finally caught both of her cats on camera, footage which I had been trying to get for years and made feel like a conspiracy theorist. As we were falling asleep, I told her again how much I was thankful for her friendship. "Always," she said. I said always too and meant it.













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