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June 21, 2017

Today's the day - my little shop is up! :)


I won't ramble, but I'm so happy for these cards to be available to you. As in I jumped around in joy when I picked up the cards from the printers. I've been making cards since high school for my friends and family, and was my mom's head card maker on all special occasions. No matter what I was up to, I was always making cards. It's been part of my life for a long time and I'm thrilled it can be a part of yours as well :)


I won't keep you any more - here's a link to my shop, IndiaGarrishDesigns. Shop away and let me know your thoughts on my Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages! I've added a comments section to my blog as well - you can start the conversation here


Here's a look into the shop:

 My first EVER logo - what!!

The first card I made - where my adventure begins.

Seriously, thanks :) 


Sidenote: I'm still looking for ways to expand the business - like fitting photo sessions and hand painted mugs into the mix - but for now it's exclusively cards! I'll keep you posted when new things get here ;) Rest assured, they are in the works!

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India Garrish photography // india.garrish@gmail.com

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