Big Plans and Bullet Journalling

June 22, 2017

Happy Thursday, friends!! I can now say that I'm an official business owner - wow! I never imagined I'd be a card entrepreneur, but it's happening and I feel more prepared than ever. I think when you're doing what you love, you just fall into it. You fall in love with the work, the early mornings and late nights, because it's worth it. Oh man, I'm pumped :)

My huge book of cards and prints!


While you're checking out the shop (here) I thought I'd share a planning method I've been using that's been helping me as a creator, a business owner and overall organized human being. I talked about what planning methods I had been using in this post, but I wanted to try something new that would help me track events and ideas while also planning out my week. Enter: the bullet journal.

You start with a plain ol' journal. I always use a black Moleskin without lines (it's just the best). To save some trees, I started in one I was already using. The idea of bullet journalling is to combine your journal, planner and lists into one surface, so you can start wherever you are as long as it works for you! 


I started with a weekly spread just to try it, but I didn't stick with any of the original format. It was very marker heavy and looked more like a journal from middle school than a professional planner - you live and learn! It helped me to figure out what I wanted from my bullet journal and start the next month's spread off with a bang.


I knew I wanted a goals list, habit tracker and expenses chart, so I started there. The key is not to freak out over every detail, but to make a space that's your own and that you'll use often. I went with a simple design.

I started my goals earlier in the month but wanted more SMART goals to go after (learn more about them here). I look at these every morning to make sure I'm going after my goals.

This looks pretty sparse, but I learned I needed to plan days to work on calligraphy, do yoga and apply for scholarships. I'm just bad at reading for fun!

Writing down expenses on supplies now will help me to determine what I need to buy in the future and where I am with money throughout the month. 


Next, you start your planner. I wrote out the days of the week and important tasks for each day. You can mark each task with a symbol specific to the task - if I need to run an errand, I'll use an arrow next to the task. If I need to do a more menial task, I'll use a check box. Whatever you chose as your symbols, stick to them! The goal is to get organized, not confuse yourself.


Then, you get crafty ;) I taped down inspiring pictures, future design ideas and flowers using colorful washi tape. I also wrote out my memory verse for the week (I'm a visual learner and memorizer!). This is your scrapbook of ideas that will help you throughout the week. Looking at inspiration every day helps me to create more, do more of what's important and grow as a person. It can also be a pretty way to decorate.

A card idea I'm working on ;) 

 I'm in Galatians at the moment! I made a spelling error, but I'm still trying to find a way to correct it, haha.


This is optional, but you can also add doodles to fill the blank spaces in your journal. I was inspired by Cheyenne Barton on YouTube to fill mine to the brim with pen doodles. I don't think I'll do this every week (it takes way too long!) but it was a blast to try out.

Some flowers and a mug I made for my dad on Father's Day.

The finished product is a beautiful mess! 


I've been loving bullet journalling so far and how it's boosted my creativity and productivity at the same time. I hope you can take it for a spin and see what you think :)


Any other bullet journallers out there?? Let me know in the comments tab on my home page!


Hope your week is blessed :)



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