DIY Inspiration Board

June 24, 2017

Hello friends! I have a DIY project coming at ya ;) 

I decided to make an inspiration board to brighten up my work space and fuel me during projects. I've done this for years now and each time, I find myself inspired by something completely different than the last. Here's my process!



- a board (can be any material)

- a roll of double-sided tape/tacks

- your inspiring pics

- scissors



1. First, find the images that are inspiring to you at the moment. It can be anything! Colors, musicians, your significant other, verses, etc.

 2.  Print and cut them out.

3. Arrange them in an order that works best for you (this always takes the longest time for me as I'm a design freak!)

4. Take a picture of the layout with your phone! This is an important step - it's easy to forget where you placed everything when you're recreating it.

5. Secure them to your board with your preferred material - I recommend tape because you can move it around if you make a mistake! Start with the bottom layer of images first, them move to the top. 

6. Voilà! Your inspiration is born ;)


                                                                                      - - - - - - -


This is a quick and simple design tip anyone can try! It's a great way to reflect on what has motivated your work this month. I recommend putting it somewhere that you'll see it throughout the day, just to get those creative juices flowing!


What keeps you inspired? Let me know in the comments section!


Have a sunny weekend :)


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