A Look Into: Flickr

June 29, 2017

Happy Thursday, folks ;) While I'm getting a few family sessions put together, I've been working on a Flickr page for a few years and wanted to share some more memories with you! I love online platforms like Flickr - you don't have to comb through external hard drives to find photos, let alone have to use them. You can pay for the storage space you want and dive right into uploading.


It's also a great resource for photographers to add to their resume or business cards to show their work in a professional format. You want your employers to have easy access to your work, and the most readily available source is the internet. I absolutely love it! :)


Here are a few of my favorites from the years past:

Buds in a market in France - also home of some of the best raspberries around.

The skeleton of the Duomo, Italy. 

 My alma mater at magic hour. 

 Persistent muck, Cinque Terre, Italy.


 The John Deere, my grandad's partner in crime.

 A sleepy rider on a tour boat, across from the Eiffel Tower.

 Jump on it!

One of my favorites of all time - our high school's basketball miracle.



If you're a budding photographer or looking for storage, definitely sign yourself up! This wasn't sponsored by Flickr, haha. They've just been a helpful source.


Catch you later ;)


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