A Week In Review

June 30, 2017

Happy Friday morning, folks! Hope you've been well and looking forward to an awesome weekend. I know I am. Working on three new cards so it will be fun :)


In sending you off to a relaxing weekend, here's a photo summary of my week:

 Painting my sketchbook - didn't realize the art pun until later ;) 

Visited an Indian restaurant that tasted just like the real thing. It brought me back to late night dinners with our Indian neighbors in my hometown. I taught my bae how to use naan bread to eat curry and rice as we ooh'd and aah'd at different parts of the restaurant. 

 We said we would have these light fixtures in our house someday.

Oh, we will! 

The bug guy came this week and told me afterward, "You guys are all artists!" He's not lying :)

My talented sister painting a DIY to-do board.

Part of a design idea.



See you tomorrow!


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India Garrish photography // india.garrish@gmail.com

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