Top Editing Apps for Modern-Day Photographers

July 3, 2017


Hello there friends!


As a photographer, I use a lot of apps and programs to add that extra 'oomph' to my photos. Many of the photos I post online are edited on my phone! There are some great apps out there that can help you create professional, stunning pictures for your portfolio. I thought I'd share some of my favorites with you.


  1. Mextures - This is an oldie but a goodie. Mextures has hundreds of variations of grit, grain and texture that you can add to your photos. You can preset your own mixes and add them to multiple photos in your library. I don't use this on my professional photos, but I love using them on personal work. Photos are too perfect these days! They need a little grunge ;)

  2. Montage - Think of Montage as the free Photoshop for your phone, minus color adjustments. It allows you to adjust very technical elements in your photos on a smaller format than most professional apps. I like to use it to add text to my photos as they have a wide range of font choices and styles.

  3. VSCO - My favorite and most highly used app by far! VSCO is home to beautiful filters and plenty of editing tools in each to add the perfect edits to your photos. Their filters are the best I've seen for the iPhone. It's also a social media platform where you can share your photos publicly. Personally, I don't use this feature because I have a lot of projects I don't want people to see, like family photos or edits I'm still working on. I use it as my little sanctum for edits :) Although you won't find me on it, you should definitely try it yourself!

  4. Squareready - Another oldie that has stood the test of time for good reason. Ever had trouble with the Instagram crop? Same here. Even after Instagram updated their options to include larger photos, the crop can still be smaller than I want in the end. With Squareready, you can adjust the size and color of the photo border that you prefer and post it to Instagram without losing image quality. With a white photo border, you can post larger photos that blend into the Instagram format. 

  5. Moment - A family friend showed me this app and it's completely changed my iPhoneography game! With Moment, you can adjust the focus, temperature and exposure of an image all while in live camera mode. It has additional options you can play with like lenses, cropping and a self timer for quality, handsfree photos. I've been swooning over the photos that come out of this app! 

  6. Camera WiFi App - My Nikon has wi-fi capabilities which is a massive help when it comes to editing photos in a timely manner. Once you connect to the app's wi-fi hotspot, you can view and download any photos from your camera you like. With the Nikon app, you can also take photos on your camera using your phone. I've never had to use this, but I imagine it would be helpful for larger or higher up shots. Definitely useful for professional photographers.

  7. Instagram - Nothing can beat Insta! It's where I discovered the magic of photography and a constant source of inspiration for my work. It keeps you in touch with friends and family while updating you on new work from your favorite photographers. If you love photography and haven't made yourself an account, do it!

  8. Twitter - This app is especially great for photojournalists and those wanting to stay updated on photo news. I'm a photojournalism major so Twitter is a great source for me. Photographers will often showcase their recent work there as well. This is a helpful social tool for both photographers in business and those just wanting to stay updated on recent work. 

  9. 500px - I've just gotten into 500px, but I love the layout of it! It's famous for it's full photo post option that allows you to view photographers' work without cropping. It has the feel of a more modernized Instagram, with its feedback options and gallery setup. I've been loving it so far and can see it being useful for professional photographers. 


Thank you for making it to the bottom of this post! Comment below if you read them all ;)


I hope this will be useful for budding photographers out there! Each of these apps have been extremely helpful for me and I use them almost every day. 


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Have a safe and relaxing week ;)

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