July 5, 2017

Happy Wednesday, sweet readers! I hope yesterday was a blast for you (pun intended). ;) 


I snapped some moments from a neighborhood block party yesterday. I don't think we're as social creatures as we used to be, and events like these bring us back to our neighbors. Sharing food, making memories and blowing up stuff is what the Fourth is all about :) It's also a great time of year for photographers. My favorite quote of the night from an eight-year-old - "Do you have to take pictures of everything?" . I said yes.

 Had a mini photoshoot with my sister and her new 'do. She's a wonder ;)

 Red, white, blue and denim.

 I was mesmerized by some honey bees at the block party house. There was also a beetle who was sitting much more still.

 Smoke bombs.

Color bombs - or as I call them, onion bombs. 

Sparks flying.

 Sparklers and remnants from earlier explosions.



If you're looking for someone to capture your memories, email me at or head over to my bookings page. Let's make your ideas happen ;) Also tell me more about your Fourth of July memories in the comments section!


See you tomorrow :)


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