A Letter to Working Creatives

July 15, 2017

You're some bad-butt people.


So you decided to make your greatest love a business. I applaud you. It takes guts to put your heart and soul into the world. Maybe it was necessity, a fighting urge in your spirit to break out and make your ideas a reality. Maybe you needed a few extra bucks. Regardless of your reasoning, you're here. Welcome!


I'm learning with you. The #struggle is real. Learning new things like finances and budget, refining your skills in the fire and flames, and pushing yourself to the limits of your creativity. But a great love is worth a great amount of work. And I don't mean solely the heavy lifting. I mean the menial tasks, too. The endless prototypes and sketches will get you to the place you really wanted to be in your work. The daily networking and marketing will add up. Your name will get out there and your work along with it. 


The trick is not to wait around for your goals. Like every good sports analogy, you have to work towards the goal. Take a step towards it every day and watch your business grow. It won't be immediate, but slow. With all of the nurturing you give it, it will bloom just as beautifully. When you find your motivation sinking, pull in support and a good cup of coffee and keep hustling.


I'm in the limbo with you, but I'm learning that good things take time. I'm reminded of why I started every time a shot turns out great or I finish a card design. That joy hits, simchah - happiness despite circumstances. I remember Who leads me, Who gives me the song to sing every day. Keep that joy and the things most important in your life at the center. Your career will ebb and flow, but these anchors will keep you grounded.


Stay humble and keep learning. Most importantly, keep going. If your work is worth making (which it is), there's no reason to hold back.


Keep kicking butt, friends :) Have a great weekend! See you Monday.


- India


P.S. If you want to see some of my work, follow me here.


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