Similar Hearts

August 11, 2017

Happy Friday, friends!


I shot with my fellow photographer - and a familiar face - Hannah Holland earlier this week. After the blog post was published (read it here!), we decided to shoot around and gain some experience in the business we love so dearly.


I said I could go on, and I will - Hannah is a joy to my life and those around her. She has this inner light that comes from above, and she seeks and lives out peace like I've never seen. When I think about what kind of friend I'd like to be, I think of her. Fortunately for me, I have her as my friend.


When we met up, life picked up where it left off the last time we were in the same place (around 2 years ago, I think!). The essentials: deep discussions, something lemon flavored to eat and laughter until we can't catch our breath. We experimented with photos for a while - which can be so helpful with fellow photographers because they get your craziness - then bunked up at a local cafe, chatting and exchanging ideas for upcoming creations.


Her family met up with us downtown where we talked about what had changed and what had stayed the same. It brought me joy to be around such a loving clan. They paid for my dinner like I was one of them while jokes and sarcastic sparring echoed around our table. 


We ended the day with Citizen Kane and acoustic sessions with her brother. As we were watching the movie and dozing off, I counted my blessings and counted the Hollands as a big one.


The morning I left was familiar and bittersweet - long distance friendship can be hard, no lie. We smiled because we knew each time would be the same, no matter where we were. Her mom said we have similar hearts - I agree, and I think ours are bound to be friends until we're gray and (even more) sassy.


 If you know Hannah, this is the joy you see.

 A selfie to prove I was there.


I can't wait to hang with this woman in the future and share some more adventures. Have a long-distance friendship you'd like to talk about? Leave it in the comments here - I would love to start a story chain :)


Also, for the shutterbugs out there, I posted a DIY lens cap saver on my design blog! It has been extremely helpful for me as I lose lens caps all the time. Hopefully it can help you as well!


Have a good one :)


- India

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