A Week In Review

August 28, 2017

Hi there, friends! It feels great to be back on the blog and in my own territory. Ahh photos :)


I've been blessed with some awesome opportunities and adventures lately that I wanted to share. God has been putting things together in good places, with school and with my businesses. I've been learning His heart for me through each opened door (almost like He has a perfect plan or something..?) And if you know me, you know there's a photo for everything ;)


Here's a peek into last week:


My inspiration lately to live like it matters (more doodles here).

Our first sunflower sprouted in the backyard earlier this week - power of the Solar Eclipse, maybe?

 Working on some bridesmaid cards for my design business between homework - more to come on that project here. Wedding season is the best!

 An old shot of me taken by my E that I used for my new job. I'll be editing photos for an awesome lady - check out her blog, she's incredible.

 My first experience with a fisheye lens at an All In Artist Collective concert - I'll have more from them soon!

 Visited one of my favorite places with E and his good friend Zach, shown here talking about serious art things.

 A huge bubble-shaped dome at the museum.

A DIY project to be up on my design blog, hopefully tomorrow! This has been my biggest prayer lately, which relates to the project. More to come here.



Have a rocking week, everyone :) There are so many good things waiting for you.


Much love,



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