September 4, 2017


I am the queen, if not king, of over complication. I tend to think at a hundred miles a minute, make something out of nothing, erase too often and write essays that are way too long. When I've stopped thinking or drawn the final sketch or finished the essay, I realized I could have done it simpler.


I recently read an article from The Guardian about simplicity and how it affects creativity. It turns out, we consume 350 percent more information every day than we did twenty years ago, and we have to prioritize that stream of constant stimuli. No pressure! I know for many creatives I've talked to, they feel like they need to be doing so much more - creating more, becoming familiar with more programs, etc. According to this article, it's a matter of simplifying, honing in on what is truly impactful in the midst of an overstimulated world. 


It's crazy to think that in order to do more, we have to do less. We have to find what matters and follow it. Then, our creativity can have room to grow. And that's what we're all looking for, right?


I've been loving this encouragement for simplicity lately, from The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up to the minimalist lifestyle. It's such a good thing for our overcomplicated minds and our busy world, and I believe we'll start making what we truly want from it.


Have any experience with living simply? Share your stories in the comments section - I would love to know!


Happy Labor Day, friends :)


- India



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