A Look Into: Portrait Sessions

June 28, 2017

"When you photograph a face...you photograph the soul behind it." - Jean-Luc Godard


Hi there! :)


I was looking through some external hard drives yesterday (the usual nerdy photographer stuff) and came across some portrait sessions from back in the day. They brought back a ton of memories, from the shoot to working with the subjects. I thought I'd share some with you.




This session was one of my first "professional" shoots. I went with Hanna and her sweet baby, Luke Henry, to Downtown Fayetteville and the famous Dickson Street Book store. There are so many precious moments when working with babies, not to mention some tears along the way! Seeing Luke Henry interact with his mama showed me the love they have between each other. I loved working with them.

 Hanna brought the Peter Pan book to the shoot - it was Luke Henry's favorite book.

Sweet moments. 

 Hanna and Luke Henry in Downtown.




Worked with another Hannah a year later, this time for her 17th birthday. Hannah and I have been friends for years, joined by our love of Christ and a good Gilmore Girls marathon. Even though it was a professional shoot, it was like shooting for fun with this girl! I even helped with hairstyling throughout the shoot - dutch braids were all the rage back then ;) Her joy shines from within, and I played with the afternoon sun to bring out that inner light. Hannah, you rock. 

 Gorgeous girl!

 Wearing a traditional dress from her mom's hometown.

 Just goofing!




When I met up with my dear friend Cora last summer, we decided to romp around in the park and shoot for fun (I wrote more about our adventures here). She has beauty and wisdom that I so admire, not to mention insane beauty on the outside. As my friend and my muse, she was a natural. Love my CoraCora ;)


 The fiercest look.



I'm looking forward to more shoots like these with you beautiful people! If you'd be interested in a portrait session with me, you can book one here. I have spaces open for the entire summer, so grab your spot and let's shoot! 


Until tomorrow, friends :) Make the most of today!


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